Flo with Jess

Jessica Garcia is a RYT-200 yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner and sound healer with a background in holistic wellness, energy work & life coaching.

For the past three years, since her awakening in 2018, Jessica has dedicated her life’s work towards expanding her higher consciousness, embodying her true self, connecting with the divine universe and the creator of life.

She is the founder of Flow Creators, and guides her clients towards positive healing transformations, light activation, empowerment, inner tranquility and self love. She provides private and group sessions virtually and in person.

Jessica’s mission and purest intention is to help other souls awaken by healing within, learning to love thyself unconditionally while activating their higher consciousness. By incorporating all her practices she guides her clients to immerse into their highest self, activating the light within, aligned and rejuvenated.

Jessica originally from New York is a mother of three lovely boys, talented singer who loves dancing, enjoys spending her quiet time reading and currently resides in Tampa, Florida.



Specializing in hatha, restorative, gentle and beginners yoga. Private or group classes are offered in person & virtually.

Reiki Energy Healing

Supports emotional & mental well being using the universal life force energy to heal the body naturally. Sessions are offered in person or virtually.

Sound Healing

Using sound, vibration and frequency the spiritual, emotional and mental body heals holistically. Sessions are offered in person or virtually.